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Thursday, January 01, 2009


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Anonymous 5:41 PM  

it's different to read a blog on thailand that isnt about bars and/or bar girls. as a long time resident, i enjoy it. keep it up.


The Bangkok Bugle 5:55 PM  

Thanks for taking the time to comment. It's much appreciated. I try to offer something different, and I hope the fact I enjoy writing shows here. If I ever stopped enjoying it I would stop blogging, but don't worry - there's no danger of that happening.

Trirat 6:23 AM  

What are the most professional Thai-language news media (print and TV) available. Could you just name a few.

Sumit sharma 2:35 PM  

We are planning to visit Bangkok next week.Just on tourist visa..We just want to know,is these activities are affectingtourism there.PLease guide us.

Devi Piriya 5:31 PM  

We are planning to visit bangkok next month on June 28(Visa on arrival). Is it safe to visit? Will situation become normal that time?

Matthew Hunt 11:58 AM  

No updates for a while, are you just very busy?


Anonymous 10:02 AM  

Not sure if you're aware but you're being blocked. Even the first proxy I tried didn't work as well.

The Bangkok Bugle 8:03 AM  

Thanks. I can access everything from Bangkok on True - in two different locations. Someone reported seeing the MICT 'love' screen several weeks ago too but nothing came of it. And the stats would suggest that others in Thailand are able to access okay. If anyone does have problems please let me know at bkkandy AT Much appreciated.

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