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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Did you know that some high-profile Thailand magazine are not printed in Thailand?
Take the Thailand (English) edition of Robb Report (pictured) - it is actually printed in Malaysia. Until a few years ago Property Report Asia magazine (also in English) was printed in Singapore (it could still be) - and both will undoubtedly have chosen their printers because of speed and costs.
Even with the associated shipping and import costs, if often works out cheaper to print outside the Kingdom. That said, both magazines to have relatively high cover prices (at 195 baht and 200 baht respectively) compared with the locally-printed titles.
In terms of printing magazines, Thailand is not as cheap as some of its neighbours - and not necessarily the ones you would immediately think of.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


News that both FHM and Zoo are to cease publishing will raise serious questions around the world about the continued viability of the global magazine licensing business.
Bauer Media, owner of the brands, has announced the closure of the iconic "lads mags" however both titles have Thai language licensed editions - so although the closure is reported to impact 20 members of staff in the U.K. far more in Thailand (and around the world with other editions) will be affected.
It's extremely likely the Thai editions of both magazines are making money, and in the case of FHM Thailand it has branched out beyond print to include television and other extensions.
So the question now is what happens to the Thailand editions? Without the parent what value does the brand have, or do both titles have enough of an established presence in Thailand to survive on their own? And what about license fees and brand ownership?
I hope the license agreement between the Thai publishers are Bauer Media provides answers to all of these, and other, questions that arise.


Monday, November 16, 2015


Without exception the attacks on Paris made the front page of all Thailand newspapers on Sunday. Pictured here is the top half of Daily News, one the most popular Thai language newpapers and priced at a mere 10 baht.
Thailand was not alone, of course, in devoting much or all of its Sunday front covers to the news from Paris - much like the mid-August explosions in central Bangkok which attracted newspaper coverage from all over the world.
I wonder, like on the occasion, governments issue travel advisory warnings against travel to Paris?
I think not.



Cover mounts have probably been the greatest development in the Thailand magazine industry over the past couple of years. As a rough estimate I would say about one in five magazines on the shelves right now have some kind of cover offer - whether a free gift or, in the case of Elle Men (pictured), a coupon.
The problem here, as I see it, is that the client can easily measure the response rate of the offer and in turn make an educated guess as to whether future advertising with this, or any magazine, is a sensible investment.
To make this kind of buy-one-get-two offer you, as the publisher, have to be extremely confident of your circulation numbers. I would guess very few readers will take up the offer so you need a very strong reader and subscriber base to undertake this kind of promotion.
That said, good luck to Elle Men, the Thai licensed edition of which is celebrating its second birthday this month.


Thursday, November 12, 2015


At least at The Nation, one of Thailand's two national English-language newspapers, where in a statement to the Stock Exchange of Thailand recently it reported a 4 percent rise in print advertising revenue.

At the same time is also reported a 13 percent decline in newspaper circulation revenues, but as its publications are not subjected to an independent circulation audit very few people will know how many copies are actually printed and sold.
Overall though, the first nine months of 2015 have been good for the Group with a THB 81.38 million profit – a 58 percent increase on the same time-frame last year.
Print isn’t dead – yet – at least in this part of the world. 
Note that The Nation and its group is involved in many kinds of media businesses, including digital television, pocket books and even its own University.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


The Kioskafé is a new magazine shop and coffee bar from global magazine brand Monocle.
The founders of Monocle launched this new space outside London’s Paddington railway station as a part coffee bar and part newsagent.
The Kioskafé aims to kick start the print retail industry and promote great independent magazines, as well as more established titles.
Monocle has been extremely proactive in expanding its brand beyond print. You can buy everything from Monocle-branded notebooks and folders to jumpers, jackets and shoes.
What would you like to wear or use from your favourite magazine brand?


Saturday, November 07, 2015


Dot Property Group is seeking an ambitious assistant/junior journalist to working alongside me in my full-time role as Group Editor.
The successful candidate will be a Thai national and will have a passion for the media and, ideally, a passing interest in property. They will also have good written and spoken English language skills.
If you want to take your first steps on the ladder in the media and publishing industry, this could be the perfect job for you.
For more information and a detailed job description, send your English resume, expected salary and, if you have, no more than a couple of examples of your own English writing, to


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