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Friday, February 19, 2016


The only Thailand newspaper to receive an independent circulation audit - The Bangkok Post - will no longer have one.
A statement on the Audit Bureau of Circulation website said the publication, where sales have been falling constantly for many years, said the publication is no longer registered with the organisation.
This means that, in effect, no one knows how many copies are sold of any publication in Thailand.
For media buyers this will add to their nightmare of knowing how many copies their print budget will reach, and for publishers it will mean they can literally get away with saying they sell whatever they want.
I have written many times in the past about the value of media auditing. I am very pro-transparency when it comes to printing numbers - knowing for a fact that one Thai magazine claims to sell 50,000 copies, only prints 2,000 and will likely sell less than half of that. Fraud, yes. The advertisers are being sold a lie.
With digital it's harder to lie. An advertiser can monitor the traffic it gets from any source and make almost instant decisions whether they get value for their money.
As for The Bangkok Post - who knows why they have opted to stop auditing their circulation?
I could make an educated guess ....


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