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Friday, February 19, 2016


Once again Thursday's front pages of both of Thailand's English language daily newspapers - The Nation and the Bangkok Post - looked remarkably similar, both in their choice of main images and choice of top stories.
Surely there is more happening in Thailand that deserves front page coverage?
One point of interest is that the image editor at The Nation appears to have been more active in Photoshop - it's the same AFP image but look at the darker sky in their version of the picture, Does it add anything? Does it make it a better picture?
For me, the answer has to be "no" to both of those points but everyone will have their own answer.


Matthew Hunt 9:24 AM  

I agree about the Photoshopped picture, although the similarities are more remarkable than the difference: same lead story, same second lead, and same main photo.
The Bangkok Post used a slightly darker version on the photo online: Maybe the one on their front page is the one that's been brightened in Photoshop, and the darker one is the original?

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