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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


The current (February 20 - 26) edition of The Economist is on sale in Thailand.
Why is this a shock?
First, one of the straplines on the cover says: "Junta to Thais: smile or else",
Second, the story it refers to is not too complimentary of the current Prime Minister and his plans, and it also makes significant references to institutions that would previously have seen the publisher withhold distribution from the Kingdom.
Could this be a sign that the publisher is getting braver, or is it succumbing to pressure from a fair number of Thailand-based advertisers who want their ad seen here, or indeed others who want to be seen in Thailand? Could it also be that rules regarding what can be printed and accepted in Thailand are being relaxed? My view is the latter is unlikely.
So essentially this is a shock, but a welcome one at that.


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