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Sunday, February 21, 2016


I truly think the answer is "no".
Although the International edition of the New York Times, and the global weekly expat-focused edition of The Telegraph (pictured - image from Twitter from @laurepitel) have disappeared from the bookhelves here, you have to remember that English is a niche language in Thailand.
In the U.K. the iconic daily The Independent will cease printing and move entirely online at the end of March (that's another story) at the same time as the Daily Mirror has revealed plans to start producing a cheap (20p) daily to capture market share.
Print WILL survive. I have been saying that for more than 10 years, when digital-only publications first started to appear in Thailand. The truth is that, alone and without the support from print, digital editions cannot acquire the revenue to produce quality, unique and captivating journalism. That costs money that simply isn't available online - yet.
Everyone seems to have tried to go digital -only - and have ultimately failed.


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